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What You Can Do to Make Your Workplace Safer, Healthier, and More Productive

Employees of the USPS and their family members who have alcohol problems are more fortunate than many American workers.  They have access to a well-established employee assistance program (EAP) and comprehensive insurance coverage for alcohol treatment.  A recent study of federal employees who receive the same benefits documents the effectiveness of this combination in treating alcohol problems.

For a variety of reasons, however, workers with alcohol problems don’t always seek help on their own.  That’s why it’s important to encourage proactive approaches for identifying alcohol problems in the workplace and treating them more effectively, including:

Promoting use of the USPS employee assistance program

Educating employees about alcohol problems through health promotion

Screening for alcohol problems

Intervening earlier with problem drinkers who are not yet dependent on alcohol

Treating alcohol problems more effectively

Following up for as long as possible with employees who have been treated for alcohol problems