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What Can Your Company Do
About Costly Alcohol Problems?

Problem drinking, including alcoholism, can strike anyone, even your most valued employees. Alcohol costs borne by business are frequently hidden, showing up in more expensive emergency room visits and more missed work days. Alcohol problems reduce the productivity of workers and increase health care costs.

The Alcohol Cost Calculator for Business, developed by Ensuring Solutions, will help you estimate the cost of alcohol problems to your business and the wide-ranging effects they have on your employees' health and well-being. The Calculator also suggests ways you can reduce costs while addressing your employees' needs.

To find out how much problem drinking costs your business, choose your industry, type your total number of employees, and choose your primary State of business.

Step 1: Choose your industry.
Step 2: Enter number of employees.
Step 3:
  • Choose a State
  • or Choose a Metropolitan Area